Sunday, May 13, 2007

Health, Happiness and Nutrition with a little environmental consciousness

Want to be healthier, stronger, sexier, smarter, live longer, better and maintain youthfulness? Eat better and get the nutrition that the body and mind need to achieve these goals. Sounds straight forward, but, the execution can be daunting, nearly impossible in today’s world. Get my book, Real Medicine, Real Health or my 2 hour DVD and learn about your options for better health. The standard allopathic or conventional medical model, largely responsible for the “food pyramid” of today and 20 years ago that perpetuated obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, would like the consumer to believe that nutrition, though a component of life, is more rhetoric than substance when it comes to really addressing disease, longevity, human performance and of course “science.” But of course, cancer treatment in the US alone is a $78 Billion per year business; diabetes $132 Billion (2002) per year; cardiovascular disease nearly $300 Billion. Drugs and surgery make up the lion’s share of these costs. Business necessitates that nutrition cannot become recognized as the most important correction and prevention of these problems. It is not a conspiracy, just a business model to maximize corporate profits so stock holders realize positive returns on their investment portfolios.

* Nutrition is King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

The truth is that the scientific literature is replete with studies directly linking nutrition to the solutions to these problems; from mere dietary modifications to targeted nutritional supplementation. Further, studies have shown that nutrition of the mother determines genetic expression in the offspring for several generations. It is the nutrition, the building blocks of every cell, tissue, organ, system and body of our being, which determines health, disease, performance and everything in between; not the genes themselves per se as the genetic engineers and patent attorneys wish us all to believe. Changing the genes only skirts the underlying defect, nutrition, which eventually will manifest until the nutrition is corrected.

Discussing nutrition does not elicit nearly the sparkling dollar signs in one’s eyes nor the “coooooooool” response from the fan base as do “magic bullets” and “high tech miracle cures.” With every passing decade of “high tech” solutions, we are visited with more severe disease (AIDS, Mad Cow, Ebola, West Nile, cancer, heart disease, and obesity), unexplainable curses (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, bee colony decline) and higher medical costs.

Despite all the fanfare, “research” dollars, and promise guarantees from penicillin and DDT to Fen Fen and Methyl bromide, not one agriculture or food problem has been solved by “high tech” means. Oh certainly farmers produce more volume, but more volume of nutrient depleted, pesticide tainted, genetically scrambled crops further perpetuate, actually initiate the problems of health and environment.

In spite of the best that Western technology has to offer, farmers around the world are still experiencing profitability problems; poor tasting fruits and vegetables, unacceptable aesthetics and shelf life deficiencies; environmental pollution problems; resistant weeds, diseases and insect pests; soil compaction, erosion and salinization. Whether it be a problem in New Zealand regarding kiwifruit and avocado quality or nitrogen pollution of their lakes and streams or in Australia regarding carrots, grain and pasture, or in South Africa regarding table grapes, maize (corn) and AIDS or in the US regarding any and every crop or animal enterprise you can name, nutrition is the key issue for success.

* Nutrition trumps “high tech” and GMO every time.

Unfortunately, nutrition is largely neglected everywhere. If questioned, professionals in every country contend that nutrition is and has been already adequately addressed. In their minds and rhetoric, disease, weeds, insect pests, food quality and profitability, shelf life and aesthetics are all issues of genetics or the wrath of God and therefore the solutions to these issues are limited to genetic engineering technology and/or chemical weapon technology. Nutrition is not profitable nor patentable so it has no basis in scientific research in this model.

• The reality is that truth is every simple, falsity ever complex. Genetic engineering of foods is ever complex and very unsuitable for human and animal consumption according to several animal and human studies. 15/03/2007 FoodQualityNews - The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has revealed that it will review the new data presented by French scientists that revealed toxicity concerns in rats fed the MON863 variety of GM maize from Monsanto. By Stephen Daniells

The new data, from a 90-day rat study and published in the peer-review journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, indicated liver and kidney toxicity in the rats, as well as differences in weight gain between the sexes as a result of eating the transgenic maize.

This is neither the only nor the most condemning animal study showing toxicity of genetically engineered foods. As far back as 1988 via the l-tryptophan problem in human supplements that led to FDA’s banning of all l-tryptophan supplements, we knew that GE “foods” were not foods at all; rather they are toxic, foreign substances being fronted as foods. The only people having problems with the l-tryptophan were those that took genetically engineered l-tryptophan, more correctly the l-tryptophan produced by genetically engineered bacteria.

* We simply do not NEED genetically engineered crops.

Anyone with a cursory understanding of immunology understands that genetically engineered will never be foods nor accepted by our bodies. The proteins formed by these freak foods are foreign substances, never seen by our immune systems since humankind set foot on this planet. These freak proteins are seen by our immune system as foreign and addressed as such; thus, the immune inflammatory reaction seen in every human and animal study if taken to completion. This inflammatory reaction results in a number of bad consequences from allergies to organ aberration to early death as shown in the Russian mouse study. Of course the industry, having Billions of dollars at stake, the politicians having millions in campaign contributions at stake, do everything possible to discount, even discredit any contrary information.

Regardless of the mass media blitz to promote the GE falsity, the grassroots movement of consumers vote daily with their hard earned dollars, yen and euros against GE foods and chemically coated foods. The grassroots movement of the consumers in every purchasing country continues to swell unimpeded, undaunted by the chemical weapons industry. People are voting for real food, clean food, pure food, healthful food.

As emotional and heated as this argument has become, it is important to understand that the GE industry wants to keep the discussion regarding genetically engineered “foods” in the “philosophical” arena because it knows it cannot win a scientific argument. The real discussion that must be undertaken and shared with the masses is the question of whether such technology is even needed in the first place. Technology simply for the sake of monopolizing profit for a select few is certainly not reason enough to perpetuate the technology.

Consider for a moment that most genetically engineered crops are designed to either produce a poison to kill insects or tolerate a favored herbicide. Of course this perpetuates guaranteed sales of seeds along with their accompanying royalties; herbicides tied to the seed varieties and nitrogen fertilizers because nitrogen is the mainstay of conventional agriculture.

It is important to understand as a consumer that the very reason we have the insect pests attacking agricultural crops in the first place is because of conventional farming practices especially the abuse of nitrogen. Further, the reason for weed problems in crops is the same, conventional farming practices. Conventional agriculture deliberately neglects looking at the underlying causes of these problems because the solutions are rooted in nutrition, not in the continued sales of chemical weapons.

Apply appropriate nutritional management to the soil and we don’t have the insect nor weed problems and; therefore, we don’t need the genetically engineered crops with built-in poisons to kill the insects or the tolerant crops for more herbicide applications.

Contrary to the rhetoric of the perpetrators of this business model, we would more than feed the world with an abundance of food; more importantly, this food would be highly mineralized and actually contribute health rather than depriving us of health. USDA data is very clear; nutritional values of foods produced today by conventional agriculture are 30 to 70 percent lower that in the 1940’s.

People want to talk technology, how about appropriate technology. We have the technology today needed to solve all the agricultural problems of insects, disease, and weeds plus yields, quality, storability, shipping quality and most importantly nutritional value. You need not be impressed with the genetically engineered crops with higher lycopene or omega-3’s or vitamin A. These come naturally when appropriate nutritional management is followed in the field.

When food is grown the way it should be grown, by default, we also solve the environmental issues of greenhouse gases, erosion, pollution and sustainability. Appropriate farming technology sequesters carbon in the soil as humus thus holding the soil together so it doesn’t erode. Appropriate agriculture technology doesn’t use toxic chemicals; rather it actually detoxifies them in the soil via the appropriate microbiology. Truly appropriate agricultural technology is a win-win technology for us and the environment.

* Appropriate agricultural technology addresses both nutritional and environmental problems.

This is why I have partnered with others to form BYO, Beyond Organix to establish a real food quality standard based upon brix and nutrient value (real food value) of the food. This will be an international standard for certification not to replace anyone’s label; rather, as a quality seal of substance regarding actual nutritional value of the food. When the nutrient value is up where it is supposed to be then the taste is superior to anything you have eaten, the shipability and shelf life are superior and the value both to the grower and the consumer are at parity. ONLY with nutrient dense food with we tackle the ills of our society, prevent the “plagues” of the future, and truly solve the issues of environment and climatic change.

I urge you to continue to vote daily with your dollars, yen, euros, etc. for regardless of what happens in November at the ballot box, your dollar votes at the grocery store carry farm more weight and drive the message further home.

The following are just a few excerpts from and their weekly literature abstracts linking nutrition to health and wellness or disease and sickness.

* "Nutrients that affect inflammation, vitamin D activity, oxidative DNA damage, or DNA methylation may be associated with risk of NHL." (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

* …results of both epidemiological studies and randomized dietary trials suggest that adherence to a Mediterranean diet may play a significant role in preventing CHD. Results of the Lyon Diet Heart Study involving patients with CHD found a 50-70% reduction in the risk of recurrence after 4 years of follow up associated with a Mediterranean diet rich in ALA

* …higher adherence to the Mediterranean Diet is associated with a reduced risk for AD.

* regular intake of vegetables - particularly root vegetables and green leafy vegetables - may reduce the risk of gastric cancer in both men and women.
individuals with a history of elevated lead exposure may be able to reduce their risk of lead-associated hypertension by increasing dietary calcium intake."

* higher intake of cola is associated with lower BMD in older women.

* supplementation with selenium may have a potential role to play in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

* supplementation with 200 mg/d coenzyme Q10 for a period of 4 weeks was found to be associated with significant improvements in cardiocirculatory efficiency.

* "Dietary patterns that reflect a Western way of life [high in fats, animal products, and snacks, and low in fruits and vegetables] are associated with a higher risk of colorectal tumors."

* dietary patterns associated with a Western way of life are associated with an increased risk of colorectal tumors.


Martin Sieve said...

Hi Arden

I would like to thank you for taking your time for this site lots of people could really benifit from it. Your comments about food and nutrition are absolutly positively correct. Nothing is better than getting the nutrients your body needs from the soil to the plant and then to the consumer. I would also like to thank you for the 13 tape seminar in Austrailia it was a real eye opener when i first viewed it Thank you!!! We farm in Ontario Canada and we are on the ridge till system a great system for clay soils that can't take in 2 inches of water at one time. We also use the reams test to do our soil testing we have now a few years of information and are getting into the hang of things when it comes to record keeping but it can be a challenge to get it all done. Our first real change that we maid to the soil was adding some calcium from a quarry right behind our farm that had lots of stone dust to get rid of. The calcium just opend up the soil the next year we added some gypsum and let me tell you for us the 8th wounder of the world. The soil was draining alot better it was unbelievable in terms of being able to work the soil when it is dry and not wet. The plants were healthier and we also had less storage problems. our planters are equiped to handel three different liquid applications. at the moment we are applying 1 gal/a 5/20/5 orthophosphate with 2.5 gallons liquid fish in the furrow with 1.5 gal. of water and some EM microbes. 5 gal/a of liquid calcium (green house grade) that we disolve our selves and also add some sugar for the microbes This is for soybeans and banded behind planter. For corn we use the same but add 7 gal/a of 28% sidedressed with sugar to make it less harmfull for the microbes and to keep it from going in the air.
as a foliar spray we use the liquid fish with some manganese sulfat 32% that we disolve and apply at 2lbs/a active MN. We also row crop cultivate with buffalo cultivators and lilliston cultivators they save use alot of money when it comes to chemicals and they open up the soil after a big rain. The only thing that i would like to do is to get a better rotation in to give the soil a break from soybeans and corn. Not always easy since our growing season is short. I did manage to get some oats planted in a field that we had tile drained and leveled last year and i'm happy i did. I hope you can make your way up to canada some time since we don't have too many consultants up here that think like you and have the knowledge that is needed to trully help farmers and not just sell them something and thank you good bye. i will leave you my e-mail and hope that i can some time get in contact with you to maybe some day have you consult or advise me a good consultant close to us that can help use get to the next step in our farming practices.

Again Thank you and keep up the great work you are doing it has helped many i'm sure.

Martin Sieve
Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

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Jenna Jakes said...

That was a great, very informative post. Many could benefit from that advice.

On another note:

Regarding your book entitled “The Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture”, I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon this literature. I care deeply about the environment and wish to live in harmony with the earth, as opposed to simply using it for my own gain. However, had I not read your book, I may have been a victim of the misguided facts that dominate current agriculture, which you so frequently refer to in the book. Have you considered that most of the population that lives by these misguided facts actually has good intentions, but bad information?…previously like myself. If you truly love and care for the environment as you claim to, a more efficient way to improve it would be to make this pertinent knowledge available to more of the people that need it (and editing the arrogance out of the book would make it a much more pleasant reading experience).

Thank you,
Jenna Jakes

Sapna Kapoor said...

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Bobby said...

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