Sunday, May 13, 2007

Food Safety

It is interesting how many articles there are regarding our food quality problems yet people, particularly doctors, drug and chemical weapons (pesticides) manufacturers, contend that everything is fine, safe and healthful, never better. The following are a few headlines on the

* Illegal pesticide levels found in 2 percent of UK foods. The article states that 36.4% of all food samples tested contained pesticide residues, though below government determined maximum allowable levels.

* Bread consumption linked to cancer. A very interesting overview of the article published in the International Journal of Cancer found that the bread group had 94% higher risk of developing kidney cancer than the limited bread consumption group. Further, pasta and rice eaters also had a higher risk of cancer. The article did comment that this was a study with “white” bread, pasta and rice; further commenting that perhaps there would not be such a trend had the people eaten whole meal or whole grain products. Further, the varieties of these grains eaten today are different than the varieties people at 100 years ago. We need to get back to the heritage varieties of grains as well as fruits and vegetables for best health.

* UK survey detects Listeria in mixed raw veg salads. Just another example of the problems with chemical agriculture; poor soil/plant nutrition breeds pathogens, suppresses benefical probiotics in the soil and on the crops. It is pretty simple and basic biology; just get the science back into farming and these issues will be corrected by default. These pathogen outbreaks rekindle the call for food irridation amongst other adulterations of our food so these "foods" can be shipped around the world. It is really just an excuse to produce dirty food, avoid good nutrition on the farm and continue to perpetuate the sale of poor quality food to the public. Get the nutrition into the food as is should be and all these problems fade away. It is that straight forward. Read how in my book "Science In Agriculture" or attend one of my seminars.

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Ed Winkle said...

It was so good to meet you in Riverside, Iowa this week! I will be studying my notes and changing my farm operation this week.

Ed Winkle
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